How to Search

1.  Click on the buyer or seller tab on the top of the page.

2.  Begin typing the name of the city or Chicago neighborhood, or type the zip code, and pause to allow some suggestions to appear.  Then left click on the desired area, and repeat as needed.  Alternatively, click the "See all areas in this State" button to view and select from all cities/Chicago neighborhoods served (must be running IE 7.0 or higher, or Firefox).  

3.  Select your desired level of service - Full or Basic (click on either for a description).

4.  Optional:  Select the applicable property type(s), transaction type(s) and buyer/seller type(s).  If you're a buyer, hold the shift key to select multiple items.

5.   Click on "Search" then scroll down for results.  Sort results by agent name (alphabetical); upfront fees, closing fees or term (lowest to highest); or proposed co-op, rebate or, if you're an agent, referral offer (highest to lowest).


  • Hold the mouse over column titles for short descriptions.

  • The "Service Details" column includes thirteen other fields - click on the down arrow to explore.

  • Search results are limited to agents that match all of your search criteria.  For more results, scroll up and modify your search parameters.

  • If an agent's name appears as a hyperlink, click it to learn more about the agent.

  • To search the entire city of Chicago, click on "See all areas in this State," the "City of Chicago" tab, "Select all" and "Done". (IE 7.0 or higher/Firefox)

  • Find some agents you want to pursue?  We suggest you ask them to confirm their data, check references and schedule interviews. 

  • We do not screen agents that appear on the site.  Use common sense precautions when communicating, meeting or working with anyone you do not know.

  • Couldn't find a particular agent?  Please ask him or her to register on the site. 

  • Agents - to view referral offers in search results you must be logged-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

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