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What's a Package? Packages are like property listings, only instead of describing key terms and features of a home for sale, a Package describes the most important elements of the services you provide to buyers or sellers. For example, Listing Packages describe an agent's geographic service area, level of service (Full or Basic), price information (upfront fees, closing fees, proposed co-op), length of agreement (months), the types of sellers, properties and transactions the agent handles, and over a dozen other factors important to prospective home sellers (e.g., experience, track record, familiarity with local market, etc).  Almost all of these categories are optional. 

How do I create a Package? On the right side of your My Account page, under My Packages, click on the type of Package you want to create (Listing or Buyer).  When setting your service area, we suggest you use the "See all areas in this State" button to ensure you don't overlook any areas you serve.  If you click on the "prefer not to disclose" button for any field, your Package will appear at the bottom of search results when a prospect sorts by that field.  HTML and URLs are not permitted anywhere in a Package.  We recommend using Internet Explorer (7.0 and higher) or Firefox when creating a Package.

Anything I should know before posting commission information?  The column headers in search results advise prospects that the commissions listed in search results are "asking amounts" and may be negotiable.  They are also encouraged to check your "Service Details" field for more information. 

When will one of my Packages be displayed in search results? When one of your Packages fully satisfies a prospect's search criteria, it will be displayed in search results (default sorting is alphabetical). In other words the Package must include all of the prospect's selected criteria, including geographic areas, level of service, property types, etc.

How can prospects reach me?  Interested buyers and sellers can contact you directly via email or phone (you can edit this information on your My Account page).  Remember that we do not screen prospects - use common sense precautions when communicating, meeting or working with anyone you do not know.

How do I create a Profile Page (Premium Plan only)? Create or edit your personalized Profile Page by going to your My Account page and looking under "My Profile" in the top right corner. You can use HTML and URLs on your Profile Page, and link to your Profile Page from other sites, emails, etc.  When a prospect sends you a message from your Profile Page, you'll receive an email with "Message from" in the subject line. Do not reply to these emails - instead email the prospect directly at the email address provided in the message. And be sure to add the domain to your safe senders list.

How do I view local agent price statistics (Premium Plan only)? View local agent price averages by going to your My Account page, looking under My Statistics in the bottom right corner, and selecting an assumed sales price.

How else can I fully exploit the site?  Search to find underserved markets and potential niches, and see how you compare to other local Realtors®.  When creating a Package, be sure to include any referral fee you are willing to pay other agents for listing or buyer referrals, and check out referral fees being offered by other agents in the far right column of search results (you must log-in before searching). 

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