Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer/Seller Questions

  • Q1: Which local Realtors® can I find on
  • A1: is open to all licensed real estate agents serving Chicagoland.  We don't limit registration to a maximum number or type of agents, and we don't limit the number of agents that show up in relevant search results. We leave it to you, the buyer or seller, to discover, evaluate and compare agents on the factors most important to you. 
  • Q2: How do I know whether the information displayed about an agent is accurate?
  • A2: We believe that an individual agent is in the best position to provide accurate, up to date information about his or her services.  While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information that appears on the site, we invite all users to notify us of outdated, misleading or otherwise inappropriate data.  Agents that disregard our rules risk alienating potential customers, damaging their reputation, losing access to the site, and possibly running afoul of state laws and professional association guidelines. 
  • Q3: A friend recommended his real estate agent to me. Why should I use this site if I already have a solid referral?
  • A3: Because enhances the traditional methods of finding and selecting a Realtor®.  We encourage you to seek out referrals. then lets you see for yourself how your referrals stack up against competing local agents on the criteria most important to you.  You may discover other local Realtors® who offer superior terms or qualifications and who can provide you with solid references from recent clients.  Either way, you'll have a better understanding of your choices, ask important questions, and make a more informed decision when you select an agent. 
  • Q4: Can agents pay to be displayed more prominently than, or ahead of, other agents?
  • A4: No.  Every agent's price, service level, qualifications, etc. are displayed in the exact same format as all others, allowing for easy "apples to apples" comparisons.  You, the consumer, control how search results are sorted.  We don't sell "featured placements" or broker advertising.  Realtors® who want to present additional information can create a Profile Page, which can be viewed by clicking on the agent's name when it appears in search results.  Agents must subscribe to our Premium Plan in order to create a Profile Page.
  • Q5: Some sites have literally tens of thousands of Realtors® listed. Aren't they superior? 
  • A5: Most "find an agent" websites with these kinds of numbers have simply purchased lists of licensed agents from state real estate commissions (or vendors) and posted them on their site.  Often times an agent has no idea that his or her information appears on such a site.   As you've perhaps noticed, these sites are often cyber ghost towns where very few agents have "claimed" their profile, information is stale and unverified by the agent, and data fields, if any, are of limited use. 

  • Q6:  I contacted an agent who said, notwithstanding what's posted on the site, that he didn't serve my town.  Instead he said he'd refer me to another agent.  What should I do?
  • A6: Please let us know! Use your first interaction with an agent you've found on to assess his or her trustworthiness - confirm the terms he or she has displayed on the site, and that you aren't going to be referred to another agent. 

  • Q7:  Is there a fee to search the site?  Must I register? 
  • A7:  Buyers and sellers are not required to pay a fee, register, provide personal information, navigate multiple pages, or wait for an email before running a search or obtaining results. 

Agent Questions

  • Q1: There are lots of "find an agent" websites.   Why should I subscribe to
  • A1: First, helps you stand out from competing local agents and attract buyers and sellers looking for a local Realtor®.  How?  We invite you to distinguish yourself across a variety of categories important to prospective buyers and sellers, and target prospects of your choosing. Second, our Standard Plan is free, no credit card required.  Third, buyers and sellers are not required to pay a fee, register, provide personal information, navigate multiple pages or wait for an email before searching the site or getting results.  And, if interested, they can contact you directly.  Fourth, search results display information about all appropriate, participating agents, but exclude “featured placements” and ads promoting brokers and agents.   Check out our Value Proposition for Chicagoland Realtors®.
  • Q2: Some websites permit consumers to rate or review agents, sometimes anonymously. What's your policy?
  • A2: We have yet to come across a site that permits the rating or reviewing of professionals across an industry in a way that addresses independence, accuracy and accountability to our satisfaction.  So we don't solicit or post agent ratings or reviews.  Realtors® who subscribe to our Premium Plan are, however, permitted to display testimonials from prior clients (after obtaining consent) on their Profile Page.  We also encourage buyers and sellers to ask agents for recent references. 
  • Q3: Is it legal to post my commission online?
  • A3: Please consult with an attorney for legal advice.  Be sure to advise your attorney that was founded by a Chicago lawyer who (i) for seven years concentrated his practice, in part, on federal antitrust law, including information exchange cases; (ii) has authored a blog on competition in the residential real estate brokerage industry -; and (iii) has authored a blog on online liability issues -  Also remind your attorney that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of consumer-facing websites that permit service providers in a variety of industries to advertise their current price information.  Finally, inform your attorney that federal antitrust regulators (the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division & the Federal Trade Commission) have noted that "consumers likely would benefit significantly from additional knowledge about the range of options available in [real estate] brokerage services and fees.”

  • Q4: Does charge referral, lead or territory-based fees?
  • A4: No, no and no.  We offer agents our Standard Plan for free, no credit card required.   Agents can further distinguish themselves with a Profile Page, view local agent price averages, and utilize additional Packages by subscribing to our Premium Plan for a modest annual or monthly fee.   
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