About AgentsCompared.com

"Helping You Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for You."

Prospective homebuyers and homesellers looking for a Realtor® typically ask someone for a referral or contact their agent from a prior deal.  Both approaches certainly make some sense, but unnecessarily limit the number and type of choices available to the consumer.  Venturing online isn't a bad idea, but unfortunately none of the current “Find an Agent” websites appear to have been created with the consumer in mind.  

AgentsCompared.com invites Chicagoland real estate agents to highlight their strengths in over 15 categories important to buyers and sellers.  Our search results then help you, the consumer, choose the right real estate agent for YOU.  For Realtors® we offer a free Standard Plan subscription. 

AgentsCompared.com was devised in the summer of 2007 by Michael Erdman and launched in Chicagoland on July 7, 2009.  Check out Michael's "Airing of Grievances" to see what inspired the site's creation.   

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