Who is the BEST Real Estate Agent in your Area?

Or maybe we should be asking how does one determine who deserves the title of “best” real estate agent? The agent who is best at self-promotion? Most sales (sides)? Most sales (revenues)? Largest office? Number of years in real estate? Office size?

We say there is no “best” agent, and there is little sense in considering what the fictional “best” agent would look like. Instead we think the appropriate question to ask is a subjective one – who is the best real estate agent for YOU?

Real estate agents are not commodities, and one size does not fit all. Consider what you are looking for in an agent, and what a prospective agent’s strengths are, before agreeing to representation. This might mean the agent who offers the lowest commission, highest rebate, shortest term, and/or greatest knowledge of a particular neighborhood or transaction type. Or maybe it’s the agent’s particular service offerings, quantity and quality of testimonials, personality type or comfort with technology.

Whatever it is, try to first identify your specific needs with respect to buying or selling a home, then vet some agents (perhaps some referrals or agents you discover online). Whatever you do, don’t just go with the agent with the most elaborate marketing campaign, essentially attempting to convince you that s/he is the best real estate agent in your area.

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