Chicago Tribune, New Pricing and Lunch

A few highlights from the past week or so:

>>>The Chicago Tribune’s Mary Ellen Podmolik covered the site this past Friday in her weekly column.

>>>We reduced the pricing for the Standard Plan (now $1/month) and the Premium Plan (now $9/month or $99/year). Why bother charging $1/month? It gives us some assurance that agents are who they say they are, which should also give agents themselves as well as consumers some added comfort.

>>>Earlier today I met with the CEO of one of Chicago’s largest Realtor associations. Got some great suggestions for the site, and had the opportunity to explain why isn’t like all the other “Find an Agent” websites. In a nutshell, agents must opt in to the site, no mandatory price disclosures, no ratings, rankings or reviews, no referral, lead or per territory fees, no featured placements in search results, etc. Hopefully I didn’t talk too much!

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