What Makes You So Special? Seriously. What?

Here are two more posts I’ve been meaning to share from some folks who know a thing or two about real estate marketing. Like the others I’ve linked to, both tie-in well with our value proposition for REALTORS®.

While he has new web apps in mind here, Brian Boero at 1000watt Consulting makes the case for differentiating in his “Breaking Away from the Undifferentiated Realty Mass” post. His point? “There are lots of reasons to deviate from the standard real estate brokerage playbook. But there is none more compelling than this: In an industry with so much noise, new and different wins.” In other words, if you’re not different, become different.

Similarly, the people at the National Association of REALTORS® encourage agents to highlight the things that make them stand out: “Every Realtor is different and has different strengths and weaknesses. As a Realtor, if you suspect your client is having a hard time picking one agent to work with, try explaining to them what all Realtors have in common, and then explain what makes you stand out.”

Agents, please tell us, what is it that makes you stand out from the crowd? We, buyers and sellers, want to know.

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