Pros & Cons of Hiring a “Top Producer” Real Estate Agent

The potential benefits of using a “top producer” real estate agent (agent who has closed a significant number of deals over a finite period of time) are probably self-evident. You’d presumably be represented by a professional who knows how to get a deal done (both a listing and a sale), has “seen it all,” so to speak, and whose name recognition may prove to be that extra thing that gets you across the purchase or sale finish line.

But are there also potential drawbacks? Is it always best to hire a top producer, or agent who works for a top producer? Does being a top producer automatically make an agent the right one for you and your particular situation?

My position is probably obvious – this is, not I think there is a lot of good stuff to be said about working with a REALTOR® who perhaps could sell a home in his or her sleep. But I don’t think it automatically makes that professional the right choice for every home buyer and seller. Like most things in life, it just depends.

You won’t find a whole lot written about this subject (shame on me for taking so long to write this post!), which is why this blog post last summer from Chicagoland broker Gary Lucido really stood out. I’d be very interested in your take.

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